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Amy Biniecki MFA

Rockhound & Jeweler

I always felt like I was looking for something. Turns out, it was mostly rocks, and minerals..

I have a love of Literature, adventure, and shiny things. While practicing stewardship for the environment I seek out new treasures.

If you need a crystal, I can dig it, have the perfect stone, I can wrap it, or just need a good book to read, I can suggest it.

I hope you enjoy my blog where I combine my everyday shenanigans, with jewelry making and rock hounding.

Sandie Cook

Rockhound extraordinaire & apprentice Jeweler

    A rolling stone grows no moss...

No matter where I wander, the beach, the lake, the rivers, the woods, even a store parking lot, the stones call out  to me.

Some say I have too many rocks, I say they don't have enough and offer them a nice stone, a fossil, slag glass or perhaps a petoskey stone or even a prized agate.

I'm not sure what the rolling stone bit means either, but it sounded like a wise way to start this introduction.

Follow me for more astute analogies.

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